Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Family Portrait!

Renee came home from school today and pulled this picture out of her pre-school bag. We're so proud of her! The picture is "our family," with Daddy in the middle, Mommy and the left, and Renee on the right. She's also been doing great writing her name, as well as "MOM" and "DAD" on her chalk board.

Oh, and there was some SERIOUS chunnin' out with the computer video camera this afternoon. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Baby John 2 Months Old!

We had such a fun time taking baby John's 2 month pictures! He was so sweet and cooperative! As you'll see, we even got some wonderful smiles, too!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hanging out at home in January

Our new fancy weather monitor. It says: -12F outside temperature, 37% humidity, 64F inside temperature, date January 9, time 7:20. The picture of the guy dressed in the hat and muffler sitting next to a snowman means that it's cold outside, but notice the sun next to his head, so it's also sunny outside.

Yup, it took us awhile to put the Christmas decorations away, but I had to giggle at Renee's silliness!

(Enough with the Christmas decor, take the wreath down already... seriously- it's still sitting there a month later.) But moving right along- isn't it so sweet seeing baby John with his Daddy!

Baby John 1 month pictures

Well these are a little late in coming to you... yikes where does the time go! These are baby John's 1 month pictures! Notice the big bear, we'll be including the bear in his future pictures to use as a size comparison month by month.

He didn't really hold on to the toy keys, although I tried to see if he wanted to. Maybe when he gets a little older.

He was such a good boy during the photo shoot!

I can't believe how much bigger he looks in these photos compared to when he was born!