Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vacation in Yankton - so much fun!

Who wants to go to The Dairy Dock for ice cream?


Renee: "ME!"


Uncle Tim: "Me!"


Daddy: "Me!"


Baby John: "Me!" (and also piled into the suburban: Mommy, Grammie, and Papa- who are not pictured!)


Taking a nap (thank goodness!)


The Fischer cousins in Yankton, SD at Grammie and Papa's house! (in the tree) Jackson and Gavin.  (on the ground) Baby John, Sofia, Griffen, Melena, Renee


Big sister and baby brother love BIG HUGS!


My two little angels!


Aunt Debbie brought back some great gifts from her trip to New Orleans!


Mommy got an hour to herself while baby John was happily watching World Cup futbol!


His new favorite thing to do is BOUNCE!


Baby John loves his Aunt Debbie!

Vacation in Yankton - a day at the pool!

Another hot day in Yankton- so we took advantage of the free kiddie pool!


Sometimes it's a little tough trying to take pictures of yourself... :)


Look at those cute swim trunks!


Momma and chubby baby, lounging by the pool...


Thank goodness for SPF 70! Renee had a blast in the pool!


More chunnin' out


I love this swim suit, or swim-shirt and swim-shorts! Makes applying sunscreen a lot less work!


Throwing the ball and catching it before the other kids could take it away...


Big grins- and look, no sunburn!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Vacation in Yankton- a day at the lake!

What is the best way to beat the blistering heat in Yankton, SD?  Go to the lake of course!


There were waterfights!


Daddy takes a quick break to say hi to Mommy and baby John back on the beach!


Jeremy tags John- (No, they never do grow up!)


Melena and Renee take over the water guns!


Uncle John sneaks up on Melena...

Baby John - 7 months old!

Right after the 4th of July, our baby boy turned 7 months old!


We were spending the week in Yankton, SD, visiting his Grammie and Papa and we took these pictures in their back yard.  I love the rustic wooden bench as the backdrop!


Normally we nickname him McGrumperton! But he was sure Mr. Smiley today!


It looks like he's reaching out and saying, "Hi, Momma!"


I love my handsome little guy!