Sunday, August 8, 2010

Free-Pie-Wednesday at the Village Inn

A special family treat, dinner at a restaurant! (And yay for giving Mommy a break from figuring out what to make for dinner that night!) In case you aren't lucky enough to have a Village Inn where you live, every Wednesday, no matter what you order, you get a free slice of fruit pie!  Cup of coffee? AND pie! Grilled cheese sandwhich? AND pie! This was our first time taking advantage of this sweet treat, but I have a feeling it won't be our last... Our waitress was kind enough to take a family photo!


The kids were both pretty well behaved! Here you see the snuggly boy and his Daddy.


Daddy was kind enough to let us take turns holding the baby while we both ate dinner. Then we let baby John sit up in the bench all by himself! He was reaching out to grab the children's menu.


He got it!


And--- into his mouth it goes!


3 slices of peach pie, please! YUM YUM YUM!


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