Sunday, February 27, 2011

We're BAAAaaaack!

A trip to south Texas and stern talkings-to by family members has helped us to remember and appreciate our duties to update this blog.  So, this post will simply be pictures taken since our last post (in August!?), and a pledge to you, our dear readers and followers, that we will be devoting a minimum of 1 hour a week to our beloved chunbeeks.

So, without further ado, some pictures from the last 6 months.

August, 2010
Get any of that in your tummy, buddy?

Renee pedal pulling at John's work 35th Anniversary celebration

Renee running the bases after a Waterloo Bucks baseball game

Riverboat Days in Yankton

1st day of school
September, 2010

The river canoeing crew

Renee and Rose playing in the backyard

Go Big Red!!!

Renee learned to tie her shoes after only 2 lessons!

October, 2010

Renee's 1st karate tournament...SWEEP THE LEG!!!

Renee picnicking on a warm autumn day.

Baby John's 10 month picture

Kitty and Monster

November, 2010
Kids "helping" Daddy with his yardwork

What the!?...

December, 2010

Renee and Rose superhero masks

John's 1 year birthday - Before...

...and after

Another messy baby picture

Our family Christmas card picture

Abominable snow monster

Sledding with cousin Adriano behind Papa's truck in Yankton

January, 2011

Our New Thanksmas King's Day annual feast

Renee's 2nd karate tournament
Thanks for coming back!  See you again soon!


Popa said...

ahhhhhhhh. Thank you! That helped fill a void I didnt even know was there.

Anonymous said...

Wow...these pics capture some great moments...I only wish I hadn't been so busy the last few months, so I could have enjoyed more of them with you !!