Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's springtime, and the air is nice!

Now that the snow has all melted and the ground is dry, John's daily walk with Apollo has become a family affair, with Renee pursuing some quest or battling demons, and little John getting some opportunities to practice walking and running on various surfaces.  Every time his little butt hits the ground, he looks to us with a "Did you see how the ground just moved?" look on his face.  Then he gets right back up and starts chasing his sister around.  He's gotten quite maneuverable in just the last week, so much so that he doesn't look very much like "baby" John anymore. 

Renee helping her brother stay on the path

The motorcycle was being used to chase the demons!

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Helen Muccitelli said...

How quickly the time goes! So much fun to watch both beeks chunning and growing. Kelly, you are a wonderful writer, giving living color to your daily escapades. Love you, Bright Woman! Helen