Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cover Girl

Weren't we proud parents when we got to see the finished version of Renee's picture in the Arboretum's marketing materials! It really seems like a nice honor to have them ask to use Renee's picture, when we'd be going to Arboretum often anyway just because we enjoy it so much!

Even better is when one of John's coworkers brought in this page from an Iowa travel magazine to show John, saying "Hey, isn't that your daughter?" (Look halfway down in the far right column.) How fun to be recognized by your friends! So there are the pictures I've been meaning to upload and brag about. She looks like such a sweetie in that picture doesn't she? What the viewer doesn't know is that Renee was probably just about to pick that flower, and then pick another one and another one. Then Mommy would have to say "Renee- be soft to the baby flowers!"

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