Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Crossing things off my list

Why is it that a list can sit, staring me in the face, on my fridge for weeks before I finally get around to dealing with all the items. Obviously different things take a priority position from day to day, but I just get sick of staring at the same things every day. So CHEERS for April 1 and getting something done!

Today Renee and I drove out to the main office for the Arboretum. I needed to pick up some folders which contained info about activities during previous Fall Harvest Festivals put on by the Arboretum. I am volunteering for the Arboretum again this year and now not just as a gardener, but helping organize the "children's area" for the 2009 Fall Harvest Festival which will be this September. The "children's area" committee is deciding what kinds of games, crafts, and performers to have inside a special section designated specifically for children. It's really fun so far!

Otherwise the to-do list still needs attention: recycling, practice trumpet, fold laundry, study old Arboretum folders, followup up on the other things listed on the fridge... But I am happy to see that today, though still chilly, is very sunny! And today is the opening day for the Arboretum! For more info take a look at their new blog which is written by the Arboretum's director of horticulture. You can also find the link on the side of the page if you scroll down to find "Our blog list". Most of the other blogs are posts by other dear friends.

If I really get ambitious there are some images I've been meaning to scan and upload on here for you to see also... all in good time. Renee's picture in the Arboretum flyer for this year, my musical programs from my performances so far this year. Keep in touch, and may you make progress with your list as well!

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I call this one "bitey!" said...

I've got something to put on your list...another blog post! Get on it.

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