Friday, May 7, 2010

Guess who's 4 Years Old?

I can't believe it's been 4 years already! My little girl is growing up- and I keep telling her to "STOP GROWING!", but of course she won't listen to her mom! Also, you should know, now that's she's 4- she apparently doesn't need to hold my hand while we cross the street... hmm, really? And there are a whole host of other things that are "because I'm 4" as Renee reminds me!

This year's birthday cake was a strawberry coconut cake, as requested by the birthday girl! She, by the way, has fabulous food creation suggestions- especially cake flavor combinations: cherry chocolate, oh I'll have to write down her other suggestions! In the past Renee requested her cake by COLOR, (as in the purple and blue cake we made for Daddy one year) but not anymore! Now it's all about the taste!

Getting ready to open her presents! I love that big grin!!

Working in her new preschool workbook- which she loves! Lots of puzzles to keep her busy!

Momma's great kitchen helper! She can set the table all by herself!

Perhaps the favorite birthday gift was the alphabet and number flashcards. But the best part was the "Scavenger Hunt" game she got to play with the number cards.
Mom: "ok, go find 8 drinking glasses"
Renee: "Eeeeeee!!" (and she runs around the house counting loudly...) "1...2....3.....4, 5..."
Renee: "Ok, Mom, now do the beds!"
Mom: "Ok, now find 4 beds"
Renee "Eeeeeee!!" (and she runs around the house counting loudly...) "1.......2....."

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