Monday, January 12, 2009

Facebook, or why I still havn't posted new pictures since last week

I'm a technophobe or maybe more precisely, a techno-laksidaisicalist. I just tend to be behind the times in my knowledge and use of electronic information. But I finally made the plunge on Sunday night and joined Facebook. The reason I have avoided it until now, is that I was a little afraid of my personal info being available to the whole-wide-web-world, and I guess I just didn't make 'finding my old pals' a top priority. Then out of the blue I got an itch. It started with listening to Josh Ritter, whom I went to school with at Oberlin. Then I Googled my old high school buddy, Chad, and then I wanted to know where Thalia has been, and I wondered if I would be able to find Cindy, or maybe Fernando. So I am finally catching up! If you do Facebook, too, then please look me up or link me up- however it goes!

As for what's been happening since last week. We went sledding this past weekend, and I can't believe we forgot to bring the camera both times! I promise before the snow is gone to get a video of Renee going down the hill on her sled -all by herself- screaming the whole way down (which will never stop being funny!) and to top it off, Apollo is running down the hill right next to her trying to make sure that she is OK!

John finally got the old snow blower working, and that makes him feel like a real man! And better yet, he even taught me how to use it -oooh baby- talk about power! He also taught me that "ether" is actually a real thing (which I didn't know).

I am also frantically trying to practice my trumpet again since I was invited to "audition" and play with the University of Northern Iowa's Wind Symphony. (I just happen to know the conductor's wife, and he just happens to be low on trumpet players for this semester.) In order to attend rehearsals twice a week, I'm also trying to research and setup an official babysitting co-op for our Stay At Home Mom's club. That way I can get all my babysitting needs met without paying a penny! Maybe playing trumpet again will be part of my New Year's Resolution...?? Thank goodness I have such good friends out here who can help me out on such short notice! My feeling is, if I don't really try to make this opportunity work, to play with the UNI group, that I might never perform trumpet again -because I will only have MORE CHILDREN and LESS TIME in the future! I'm a bit nervous, but ready to forge ahead, because this is what is best for me, for my family and for my 1 trumpet student, too! As my favorite bumper sticker reads: "be the change you wish to see in the world". Playing trumpet isn't like creating "World Peace" but it is a big deal for me!


Anonymous said...

go girl!! you can do it! :)


Kelly said...

Thanks Steph! I feel so proud of myself for taking these important baby steps back towards musicianship!