Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Thanksmas King Day 2009

The boys do Gravy Shots!

Don't forget the Tabasco!

The official "My First Thanksmas" sweater, as modeled by baby Lucy!

Christian grabs a snack!

'Tis again the season to celebrate celebrating, and New Thanksmas King Day 2009 did not disappoint on any level. Old friends, amazing food, the merriment, the mess, the babies, the bounce around, the Catchphrase crew, the "garage band" boys, Gravy Shots, CaboWabo... Honorable mention goes to the unanimous favorite of the gift exchange: the calendar with everyone's pictures!! Great idea Tamara! There were a few New Thanksmas King Day virgins, who thankfully avoided having to do any embarrassing initiation! Please enjoy a few of our favorite memories!

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