Sunday, January 25, 2009


The silly kid was goofing around while taking off her snow gear yesterday afternoon and we laughed when we saw how she took her hat off part-way!

But the funniest thing that happened this week was from a few mornings ago, while we were taking a tubby. Renee and mommy were not exactly arguing, but debating perhaps about why Mommy didn't want Renee to throw her tubby toys. Suddenly (as a comeback..?) Renee says to me, "I don't WANT to survive, I want to LIVE!" And I stared at her, thinking to myself while I started giggling, did she really just say that?

Have you seen the movie WALL-E, about the robots? Well this is a line from the movie when the humans are debating with the robots about going back to earth or staying in space, and the captain of the humans (who wants to go back to earth) says that line to the "autopilot" robot. Yes, we've been watching WALL-E a few times a week ever since New Years, and we all love it! I recommend it highly if you have not seen it yet! Who would have thought Renee would remember *that* particular line? Does that mean my daughter is watching too many movies?


Anonymous said...

I don't think a stay-at-home mom should worry about their child watching too MANY movies. :) We all need a little "escape". Besides, if she doesn't watch tv/movies now- how will she relate to those future e-mails "you know you were a child in the early 2000's if........" :) We can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!!!!

Angela said...

No, it doesn't mean she's watching too many movies, it just means that she has inherited her dad and uncle's uncanny ability to quote any line from any movie they've ever seen and use the line in conversation :)