Friday, February 20, 2009

Just a little news

This morning Renee had tummy trouble. Don't worry, I DIDN'T take pictures! I think she ate some cheese last night that didn't agree with her, but whatever the culprit, she barfed all over the place this morning. Poor little kid! After getting cleaned up, she did eat a huge bowl of oatmeal, but then nothing until a little chicken and rice for dinner tonight. No more barfing, though, so I think she's doing better. She has been a snuggly girl this afternoon, and very mellow, so Mommy has been getting to read into the 3rd book of the Twilight saga: "Eclipse". (Thank you Katy for sending me the whole series, I'm trying to read as slowly as I can to savor the adventure!)

Tonight John is going bowling with some buddies from work, so Renee and I are making a chocolate cake! I know- I'm not sure either if that is such a great idea depending on how her tummy is really doing...but it still seems like a fun way to pass the night without Daddy.

Tomorrow evening we're heading over to Terry, Ann and Emily's house. Terry is a friend of John's from work, and they have been so kind to invite us over for dinner many times since we've moved here last Spring. Renee loves playing with their daughter Emily, and Emily is always so sweet with Renee, even though Emily is 6! We're looking forward to buffalo burgers!

Next week will begin the new round of chaos, we're moving into our larger rental house! Hopefully we'll be getting keys on Wednesday, and moving all the big stuff (furniture and boxes) with the help of a friendly local service company. That should leave us Thursday to clean before our current landlord has the carpets cleaned on Friday. Friday night John's brother Jeremy and their friend Dave will come up for the weekend to do some rehearsing for their upcoming wedding performance in June. On Sunday of next weekend we're looking forward to Grammie and Papa Fischer coming down to see the new house and help us watch the little punk while we finish our move in.

Monday, March 2 is the next big day when the other moving company brings all of our stuff from storage (nice dining room set, favorite matress, outdoor furniture, cello, etc...), plus that's the earliest day we could schedule an installer to arrange internet service for our new house. We'll probably celebrate my birthday a day early on Tuesday since they're leaving Wednessday to go back to SD. No big birthday plans, just enjoy our wonderful, new, more spacious house! And maybe work on a new little sister for Renee. ;)

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