Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Movin' on up!

Hello friends and family! Today is the big day! We're moving into our new house today! Unfortunately I couldn't get a technician to get our internet service setup at the new house until Monday morning March 2, so I wanted to be sure and get in a quick post to keep all of you up to date!

The movers are scheduled to be at our "old house" at noon to start loading up their truck. John moved *all* the boxes that we'd been keeping in our basement up to the garage to make it easier and faster for the movers to load the truck. I'll be meeting our new landlord sometime after 11:30am this morning to get the keys to the new house and John should be coming home from work by then to make sure he can help the movers (part of the deal for the discount I negotiated).

John took apart Renee's bunk bed last night, and Renee keeps asking questions about the movers and our stuff, can we please set up her big bed right now? (Once we get to the new house Daddy will put your big bad together in your new room!) Where are all our books? (The books are packed up in boxes so we can move them to the new house.) Are the movers going to take me in the truck, too? (No sweetie, Mommy and Daddy will take you tot he new house, you will stay with us.) Mommy can we pack up right now? (Yes sweetie, we'll start packing again as soon as Mommy finishes eating breakfast.)

Tomorrow I'll be cleaning and finishing moving the little things we didn't have enough boxes for, like the sewing machine, and the vacuum cleaner. Friday I'll be meeting the utility company at the new house to have them read the meter, and hopefully get my first delivery of Girl Scout Cookies that I ordered!!

Friday night John's brother Jeremy and their friend Dave will drive out here from Nebraska to stay for the weekend, and his brother Tim will also come down from South Dakota so they can all practice for their wedding gig. John's parents are planning to come out on Sunday, just before the guys all head back home. Monday the storage company will arrive in a big truck with all the nice things we have in storage (I can't wait for my nice big bed!) and we'll get the internet service hooked up. That should be the end of the move! Except of course for unpacking and getting organized, but it will be the end of the moving schedule.

Next week I'll get some pictures uploaded of the new house, and then after that you are all invited to come visit! Also, for those wondering, Renee finally seems to be feeling better again. She threw up Friday, Saturday and Monday, and though she isn't eating much yet, at least she's holding down the food she does eat. I suspect it was a stomache bug after all (not food poisoning), I've heard that's been going around.

The weather today is supposed to be up to round 46 degrees! Perfect for the move! Tomorrow is a 90% chance of snow and back down to the lower 30's. So it looks like our timing is excellent! Now I've got to run out and get Apollo to the paw park and then finish some last minute packing before the movers arrive. Big day!


Anonymous said...

I hope things with the move are going "smoothly". Can a move actually go smoothly? anyway- we are thinking of you guys!!


Kelly said...

Thanks steph! Hey, heard your house is going on the market on MOnday... is that right? Good luck!!