Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fever... in the mornin'. Fever all through the night...

Yes, it's true, Saturday afternoon Renee came down with a fever and hasn't been able to shake it yet. Such a shame, since Friday night we were lucky enough to host John's brothers Tim and Jeremy, and Jeremy's family for a weekend visit. Renee and her cousins Sofia and Melena did have lots of fun playing together, though tempers were a little short at times, even by toddler standards. :) Luckily I called the emergency room at the hospital tonight, 9pm, and got to talk with a nurse who gave me some guidelines for watching and helping Renee. So we didn't have to drive all the way across town and wait forever in a waiting room just to get some children's Tylenol!

In happier news, everyone loves our new house! Apollo had been a little sick the past few days, throwing up. But I wonder if it was just the stress of moving, since I can't find anything he would have gotten into that would make him ill. But Apollo seems better today, and though Renee is sick again- at least we can all enjoy having just enough extra room! Renee loves riding her trike around in circles in the basement and even upstairs- the layout of the house works perfectly for her biking passion! Apollo loves lounging on the couches in the living room looking out the big front window, and strolling outside in the fenced backyard while Renee kicks her soccer ball around the big tree in the backyard! I love my super spacious kitchen, and John loves the basement, which he calls his "man-room". He's got his big TV, the Wii and computer down there. Plus, he and his brothers all played their guitars together down there this weekend, and it worked perfectly as a rehearsal space and movie theatre when the guys took a break and watched a flick.

The primary reason for our visitng guests this weekend was for the brothers to rehearse for a wedding reception they will be performing for this coming June. Their set list is starting to get firmed up and even the order for the tunes is coming into focus. The finer details will be worked out in future rehearsals, but they had fun this weekend, and their groupies/wives and kids loved listening to their jam session!

We've got lots of pictures to share, but havn't unpacked all the cords for uploading pictures off the camera! Stay tuned...

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