Sunday, March 15, 2009

More pictures!

Oops, ha ha! Just a photo of the computer desk we're trying to get rid of. I listed it on FreeCycle this afternoon and tonight I had 4 emails from people interested in it! Sweet! Thanks to my friend Serenity for the suggestion to use FreeCycle!

This is what we call a "squeezie"!

Renee goofing off with Popa Fischer.

You should have heard the silly story they made up about the "little yellow edible pee-yo-pers"! I'm not sure what pee-yo-pers are, I think it was something that Popa was going to get for Renee... but now "pee-yo-pers" is another goofy word in our vocabulary! Like in the morning I'll ask Renee, "Do you want peeyoper juice for breakfast?"

Ah yes, the serious art of enjoying a sip of port! Of course it looks like John is enjoying a good pipe, too... He loves these unique port sippers, and struck a pose for the camera for good measure!

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