Sunday, March 22, 2009

Planting Raspberries!

Yesterday, Saturday, was the nicest day we've had this year! It warmed up to somewhere in the low 70's, and was sunny and perfect for playing outside all day! We took advantage of the warm beautiful weather to dig around in our new garden. We'd kept the raspberry plants in pots all last year and through the winter they stayed in their pots in the garage. I wasn't sure if they were even still alive, but wow what a joy to find tiny new buds on most of the branches of each of our three raspberry plants! I'm not sure if all my flowering bulbs have survived, or my lavender, but at least the raspberries look good so far! I hope they will be alright exposed full force to the elements until it warms up for good. But I think they'll do just fine.

Mommy took an afternoon break to help her friend Serenity with her big wonderful garden. A little girl time and the chance to play in the dirt was just exactly what Mommy needed! Daddy and Renee picked up most of the remaining dried leaves out of the yard, and later Daddy even got his motorcycle out for a spin. Renee and Mommy went for a wonderful long walk with Apollo over to the near-by elementary school playground to play for a long time. The new playgrounds have such wonderful toys!

The weather has brought unstoppable smiles, and lots of outside play time! So perfect after all the cold and snow! We'll take it while we can! Hopefully next weekend when we celebrate Renee's 3rd birthday, we'll be able to play outside again, but if not (snow is possibly in the forecast??), Mommy still has a few tricks up her sleeve. We're excited to host Grammie and Popa and Uncle Tim for the birthday bash next weekend! Renee says she wants a pink cake, maybe with strawberries or raspberries. We might make it ourselves, or get another delicious Coldstone ice cream cake... Yummy either way!

Twirling round and round! I asked Renee to dance, and got this great action shot!

Renee hanging out by the little row of newly planted raspberry plants!

Can you believe it was still warm enough (and light enough??) for her to be outside in a sundress at 7:30pm last night! Wow!

The weekend before, Renee was having a blast in the backyard, racing around with her "outside" car.

Something fun to do with a hill in your backyard is put something at the top of the hill and watch it roll down, and then chase it... this applies nicely to hulahoops, soccer balls, or the "outside" car... then while you're chasing down the hill after the toy, scream as loud as you can!

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