Monday, February 9, 2009

More good news!

I know, you really want more pictures, and I've got a TON of good ones to share from our FABULOUS weekend visiting John's brother Chris, his wife, Steph and their 3 boys in Indianapolis, IN this past weekend! We celebrated Jackson's 8th birthday, and all I can tell you about it right now is that it was BY FAR the BEST birthday party I have ever been to (so much fun for adults AND kids)!! But I've got to finish downloading all the pictures and videos from our cameras. SO before I get to that, I've got another announcement:

We're moving! We've had a great time in our tiny little home for the past 10 months, but we found a cute little house close by that will give us a little more breathing room, and a lot more storage space! Most importantly it has 2 bathrooms instead of only one! You know how important that is during potty training! We're hoping to get into our new rental house by the 1st of March, or maybe a little sooner. SO you can imagine that the end of February and the beginning of March will be pretty busy for us, moving again! Anyone want to donate a little slave labor in exchange for free food and beer?? And yes, I promise more pictures soon!!

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