Sunday, November 29, 2009

More Thanksgiving pictures!

Papa and Grammie are staying with us helping watch Renee for the arrival of baby#2. They've gotten some great pictures so far and I wanted to share those with everyone!

Marcellus is their little Corgy. Here he is taking his "rightful place" -yes on the newly vacuumed couch.

Thank goodness that's not my middle finger...

Grammie and John relaxing on the couch.

The spread! In the foreground we've got Serenity's amazing salad (you've got to try it sometime!), the superduper candied yams, mashed potatoes, dressing....

Notice the beautiful napkins! Grammie got those all set at each plate! Very festive! Oh yes, and more food, beet salad, green bean casserole, locally grown turkey, gravy... Notice I actually got Renee to agree to wear her smock over her pretty dress! We did manage to avoid most of the mess that way!

Serenity and Kelly!

Doesn't that pecan pie look like a picture out of Martha Stuart magazine? Gorgeous!

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