Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving in IA

While waiting for baby#2 to arrive, we went ahead and celebrated Thanksgiving! It has been a long time since we hosted a holiday at our own house, and we had a wonderful time pulling out all our decorations while hosting Grammie and Papa Fischer and our good friends Serenity and Marlin.

Renee of course wanted to dress up in her "pretty dress"! Here she's being silly, while enjoying her sparkling apple cider.

Ready for the feast! From left to right, Kelly, Grammie, Renee, Papa, Marlin, Serenity, John.

You'd think the dogs had eaten as much as we had! They crashed out (on the freshly vacuumed couch) with Marlin and Papa after meal!

Another belly shot! After the work of the day was done, Daddy and Mommy strike a pose!

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Angela said...

Everything looks just lovely. We miss you guys. It's hard to be far away at such an exciting time! Love you!