Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wonderful Fall Fun!

Just trying to catch you all up with some recent activities we've been enjoying.

In preparation for Halloween, Renee picked out her own little pumpkin at the farmer's market. The little artist prepares to paint her own pumpkin!

Here you are witnessing -sniff- -sniff- Renee's VERY FIRST PICTURE WITH A FACE! The big creature, with the big ears, is an elephant!! :)

I can't remember what this creature is... I believe it started as a spider, then with a nose and whiskers became a kitty cat. Although Renee now says it is a bat. :)

My amazing artist! Mommy and Daddy were so proud!! The pictures on the table were far more important than the painting of the pumpkin.

We went to a pumpkin patch and had a great time enjoying the beautiful weather while Renee played. The kids had a blast climbing on on tall piles of hay bales!

Here we are on the hay ride!

Momma (and belly) and Renee strike a pose in the corn maze!

Punky proudly displays her corn stalk.

Entering the corn maze. The sign off to the side says: respect the corn, stay on the path.

One of Renee's favorite things to do is collect things- usually pretty fall leaves, or walnuts, or acorns, or - bugs! Especially ladybugs!

Yummy snacks at the pumpkin patch- shnarfing a pumpkin cookie!

There were so many huge bounce houses! Daddy and Renee had a game where Renee would run up to the wall and Daddy would push her backwards, and she'd flop onto her back- so funny!

Hmm... look carefully at this old bus- looks like someone's been using it for target practice?

And so they have been! This thing actually launched pumpkins at the bus! YES, it was VERY loud!

Can you read the name on the firing machine: PUNKINATOR, and notice the stockpile of pumpkin ammunition!

Just love these freckles!

Renee wearing Mommy's glasses! Wow, she looks just like her Momma here!

Festive Fall colors!

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