Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Dear readers, it was recently brought to my attention that posting comments on chun-beeks is not all that easy. I apologize, I had not paid much attention to *how* to do comments. Now I see that part of the reason this beautiful blog doesn't cost me a dime is because the host obviously wants people to sign up for Gmail, or google email. I obviously already have one of those accounts, and I love it, but I don't want to force anyone to sign up for stuff they don't really want or need. Please notice that the comments section is now open to anonymous writers. We'd love to hear your thoughts, and that should eliminate the major hurdle. If you do post anonymously, don't be shy, include your name! There are other options for including your name, too, so play with it if you want, but most importantly, keep in touch!

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Gabe said...

I just wanted to comment to exercise my God given right to comment! I will even post my name, though I am known under many pseudonyms:Little Man, Quebexican, that funny little dark kid.

I guess I never noticed the whole gmail issue either since I use gmail. Those ^$&^*$ squiggly words get me some times though =)

Great to hear about Renee and the marketing campaign!

Olivia wants to know if she will be getting any chachi (not sure if I spelled that right, but you know what I mean). Hope all is well in Iowa and the cold has reached about everyone by now I think, even us little folks down in OK! See ya