Friday, December 12, 2008

Tree ornament

A little chuckle for everyone I hope, when you read this story. Last night Renee was getting ready for bed, taking off her shoes, getting in to pajamas, going potty one more time, and preparing to brush her teeth. The only problem was that her toothbrush was missing. She had been playing with it earlier on the table, but of course it wasn't there now. It wasn't in the bathroom where it belonged, and Renee couldn't remember where she left it. After a few minutes of searching I gave up and decided we'd just get her a new toothbrush tomorrow, and she went to bed. Then as I'm standing near the computer talking with John later that night, something catches my eye on a bough of our Christmas tree, so I told John, "Hey look at that unique ornament on the tree!" It was the missing toothbrush. Well, well, the dentist might be proud of her decorations!

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Angela said...

That's awesome. Our tree has been in a perpetual state of being "re-decorated" by little hands as well!