Friday, June 19, 2009

Memorial Day weekend in Lincoln

Well it's been awhile since I updated chun-beeks! Here's a flashback over the last few weeks!

John was showing off the hula hoop skills he says he gained from playing Wii Fit!

Doesn't even look like it's touching him!

I can't believe I got this shot of Monster! Do you see all the mud in the pool...?

Apollo is almost a different colored dog with all the mud on him! It was everywhere!

Melena and Renee had so much fun playing in the pool in Auntie Debbie's backyard! Don't they look like best friends? :)

I couldn't resist... Melena is so adorable, and independent! She just didn't want to wear her swimsuit anymore! I had a battle trying to keep Renee in her swimsuit after that!

Silly goose!

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Anonymous said...

You are quite the photographer...these are some awesome pics!