Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Renee and her cousins at the Lincoln, NE Sunken Garden

We took a trip to Lincoln, NE 2 weeks ago and had a wonderful visit to the Sunken Garden among other fun events that weekend (including the wedding reception that John and his brothers played in!). I just loved these gorgeous, huge koi! The girls of course were enchanted with them, too!

It was so gorgeous to see so many blooming flowers already- so many roses especially! The roses in Iowa aren't blooming yet!

Renee and her cousins, Melena and Sofia had fun "washing" flowers in the fountain, then right out splashing each other!

Sofia and Renee hug! Watch out, looks like one of them just dropped the bag of snacks!

Angela brought fresh strawberries from her garden for the girls to snack on- so delicious!

Ok, getting this shot was practically impossible, because getting all three girls to sit still at the same time just never happens!

Sofia is following in her older cousin Sass' footsteps and becoming very interested in photography! It's a skill she's been working on actually for a few years already! I remember her taking pictures of us all during the 4th of July celebration we had together back at our house on the lake in WA- I think that was 2 years ago!

The girls remarkably did stay out of the pond, but fed the fish plenty of rocks and sticks!

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Anonymous said...

Wow...that pic of the Koi looks like a PAINTING...so beautiful. -Serenity