Friday, June 19, 2009

Waterloo Bucks baseball game!

We got invited to go to an evening Waterloo Bucks baseball game a couple of weekends ago and just loved it (our local non professional team)! Last year we went once and Renee still remembers meeting their mascot, Buck!

Renee got Buck's autograph on her arm, but in this particular picture, you are seeing the "No, I don't want to share" look that is so common with 3 year olds!

Our dear friends Serenity and Marlin, who invited us to the game! Marlin is a baseball addict and John had a blast talking sports with him. Meanwhile Serenity and I tried our best to keep up with the action, and share some good snacks and girl talk!

SOMEONE spoiled Renee with some tropical flavored dippin' dots ice cream, which is what you see all around her mouth!

Marlin and Renee caught in the act- goof balls!

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