Friday, August 7, 2009

Momma bear's grumpy day

I asked Renee to feed Apollo this morning, and she filled his food bowl with food -and water- and carried it from the sink over to the kitchen table to ask me if that was enough food. I told Renee to be very careful carrying the bowl, and she made it about 2 steps back across the kitchen when she dropped the whole thing on the floor, making a huge mess of water and dog food.

As I was cleaning the mess, I slid like a baseball player on my side because of the slippery floor. To make matters even worse, I couldn't get back up again right away because all my muscles were so tense. I was furious, wet, and smelled like dog food. If I was a bear I would have let out a big growling roar!

As I laid in the muck on the floor, I took stock of my body, and everything seemed fine. No real pain- just tight, stiff muscles and the humiliating stink of dog food. Somehow smelling like dog food seems about as gross as smelling like urine! After a few minutes I had Renee find my cell phone so I could call John at work and ask for his help. Since we recently started our birth class, they had talked about mom calling dad at work during a contraction and having dad talk to mom over the phone to help her relax during the contraction. I just didn't want to be alone, and I hoped John could coach me over the phone to relax my body enough so I could sit up. John instructed me to have Renee bring me lots of towels to mop around my head, and then a large pillow for me to rest my head on and relax. And then after another couple of minutes I was able to sit up. A little scuff on my elbow, stiff muscles, and furious, but most importantly baby was just fine -still kicking!

As if that wasn't enough excitement, while Renee and I sat eating lunch this afternoon, my clumsy pregnant self knocked over a glass of water right into Renee's lap. I swear I knock over glasses of water at least a few times each week! Quickly mopping up the new water mess, I apologized to Renee for my clumsiness and making her wet, and I told her we're just having a grumpy day- Renee's big mess on the kitchen floor, then Mommy's mess all over Renee. (Renee has a great book called "Smudge's Grumpy Day"- so if we have a rough day we say we're having a "grumpy day").

Then Renee stopped crying and said "Yeah, you're a bad mom, and I'm a bad kid."

I burst out laughing :) Isn't that the truth! Only from the mouths of babes!

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Popa said...

These are all great! We miss you guys so much already!

So... where are those pictures that are supposed to be making the rounds.....? :)