Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Random pictures from John's Camera Phone

So recently, John and I got new cell phones. In that process John uploaded all the photos he'd had on his old phone onto the computer. These are pictures from the last 2 years, in no particular order, but that bring back memories, or at least make me laugh and smile!

Renee at the drinking fountain, probably March 2008.

Renee and Kelly lived for a little while at Aunt Katy's old house, here Renee is eating breakfast! March 2008.

The view from our old house, looking over the backyard and to the lake. Bittersweet, but fond farewell.

Kelly and Renee lived in a hotel for a while before settling into a house in IA. Why else would she be eating in bed...?

Kelly tried to catch a picture of Renee sleeping to send to Daddy... it's pretty dark, but that's a snuggle punk!

Out shopping, March 2008. Mommy thought this hat looked really cute, but everytime Daddy sees it, he says Renee looks like WT.

Mommy and Renee goofing around out front of the coffee shop in Gig Harbor, WA with Grannie Dunn and Aunt Katy. March 2008.

Looks like Mommy and Renee at the airport. Judging by Kelly's super short hair it was probably Dec 2007, picking up Julia at the airport for Christmas?

Aunt Julie snuggles Renee at Great Grandma Dunn's old house! Dec 2007.

Probably the same day, Dec 2007, at Great Grandma Dunn's house, with Popa, Harlan, Uncle Dave, Uncle Kenny.

Shopping with Daddy, December 2008 (Renee age 2.75 years old). Daddy's winter hat looks so cute on her!

Snuggled up in the car with Apollo in the backseat... road trip!

John acting very official back at his Navy office, wearing Gabe's "poopy suit" the outfit officers wear when they are underway on their submarine. Yes, Gabe is a little shorter than John. :)

Gabe at work... Hi Gabe!! John and Gabe were coworkers in the same office just before they both got out of the Navy. They did both leave the Navy by choice, as far as I know. None of their office antics had anything to do with it :)

Nice tubby bubble hat!!

Aww, hard to believe Renee used to be so little (sitting in a high chair?)! This is sometime in the Fall or Winter of 2007, Renee was just over 1 1/2 years old.

Summer 2009! Probably June? Cedar Falls, IA. Renee and Mommy by the Cedar River. Look at how small that belly is... That feels like a long time ago, Mommy's belly is getting much bigger now!

At most of our Cedar Falls community events there is a talented man who makes balloon sculptures for the kids- the flower hat is always a favorite! June 2009, Renee age 3.

My favorite picture from John's camera phone! We were walking home from the park, and John caught a shot of Renee in the light of the sunset. Pretty artistic for a cellphone picture! Summer 2008, Renee age 2.

Mommy and Renee playing in the park, Cedar Falls, IA, June 2008.

"Let's go fly a kite! Up to the highest height!" Spring 2009, Renee age 3.

April 2008 (age 2), Renee wears Grammie's sunglasses in the restaurant!

March 2008 shortly before we finished moving from WA to IA, Family Pancake House, Bremerton, WA lunch with Popa!

Aww... Aunt Katy sent this picture to John while Kelly and Renee were still in WA and John was in IA. Seeing this really made Daddy miss his little girl!

Apollo took the road trip with John and Jeremy when John was moving to IA. Such an easy travel companion, as long as he gets to come along, he's happy to hang out in the back seat.

Carl and Jeremy, hanging out late in Carl's parents' house. Feb 2008. I love the lighting in this picture, it almost looks like a shot from a movie, doesn't it?

Jeremy helped John drive his car across the country when John moved to IA. This was at a rest stop on the way, Feb 14, 2008.

Mommy and Renee, Jan 2008 (Renee almost 2 years old) on the ferry going to Seattle.

Mommy and Renee, Jan 2008, looking off the Bremerton-Seattle ferry.

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Love the last photo of you and Renee the best. Really speaks to who you and Renee are (thoughtful)