Sunday, August 2, 2009

Videos from Kelly and Renee's trip to WA

This is a clip of Renee playing badminton! We had so much fun, but whoever was on Renee's team had to be pretty patient!

The video of the camel riders as promised! That camel isn't even breaking a sweat! Isn't it great to see Papa up there along with Renee- who's the real kid?

Renee riding Viktor- but "look Ma, no hands!" Lori is the perfect instructor; patient and encouraging!

My little "Annie Oakley" in training! Even her mommy has never ridden backwards!

For those of you who are keen on details, you may notice that Viktor is moving a little faster, and you're right! They're trotting! My favorite part of this video is towards the end- seeing Renee's goofy grin as she rides by the camera!

One detail of this moment that you'd really appreciate is actually not caught on video- when Lori tells Mommy to stay away. And for good reason! There's no way I would have let Renee ride on her knees (or trot or ride with no hands) if it wasn't for Lori! Even Auntie Katy has a a tough time at first being able to let go! See, I'm not the only one!

Hide-n-seek! Who's hiding and who's really seeking... watch as hunter becomes the hunted!

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