Friday, November 28, 2008


Kelly saw her first Nebraska football game tonight, and she couldn't have picked a better game. The weather was beautiful, the stadium was rockin' with 85,000+ fans, and the Huskers won a thriller over Colorado off an unbelievable 57 yd field goal on a 4th and 25 play with 1:50 left in the game. Then, the defense came out and returned an interception for a touchdown with :58 left to seal the deal, with a final score of 40-31. We stood and shouted the entire 4th quarter, even when it seemed like we were sure to lose the game (seriously, 57 yards?!). The high drama, the mass enthusiasm, the call to arms, the "power of red" as they say in Memorial Stadium, was not to be missed! It was truly thrilling, Kelly cried, yes, caught up in all the excitement that even an artist could appreciate. What a game, what an experience, what an adventure! GO BIG RED! Kelly might never look at football the same way again! :)

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