Monday, November 24, 2008

There's a mouse in our house

So last night John says to me, "I think there's a mouse in our house". Huh? Well, we've been on a blueberry muffin kick all weekend, and the latest batch (or what was left of it) was in a large plastic baggie on the counter. Now I figured he was talking about "Mommy mouse" since I had one right before bedtime. But John said although he'd had one, too, he still thought there was one missing. I didn't think anything of it, and I just assumed I was still the culprit of the odd count on the muffins. Low and behold I woke up this morning to check on Renee. My sweet little girl was still fast asleep at 8am (she stayed up way too late last night trying every trick in the book to avoid bedtime). And didn't I just laugh-out-loud when I found an empty muffin wrapper lying on her pillow. Renee was asleep next to her pillow, and I could feel the crumbs all over her jammies! Dearest Daddy was right after all! She must have snuck into the kitchen last night! I asked Renee about it today, saying "Hey there are lots of crumbs in your bed! Was there a muffin in here?" Renee beamed. Then she said, "Yes I did! Mommy was in the bathroom, and I got a muffin all by myself!" So, Mouse Mystery- solved! I have to admit, I'm almost proud of her! Is this some new developmental milestone I missed reading about? Well there it is. The next time a muffin goes missing, follow the trail of crumbs!

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