Friday, November 21, 2008

Guess who was on NPR today?

We love KUNI, and NPR in general! And since John was so excited when I told him, I thought I'd share with all of you that I was on the air today 11/21/08! I called in to ask a question on a local program here called Talk@12. Today they were having a question and answer session with a horticulture gang from our local area. I asked about how best to take care of my pots of raspberries over the winter. Listen here as soon as today's show gets archived. I came on toward the end of the show, in the last 15 minutes. The basic answer is that I can probably keep them in their pots in the garage -if it stays at a stable temperature, between 20-30 degrees F. The plants should stay dormant and won't need any light, just have to make sure the soil does not completely dry out. I can't leave the plants in their pots outside above ground because the soil in the pots will just get way too cold and kill the plants. So there it was, my 15 seconds of fame!

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mommy dearest said...

congratulations! don't forget your in-laws, the little people, when you're a NPR sensation! :)