Thursday, November 20, 2008

A rose by any other name

So really, what's in a name? What is "chun-beeks" anyway? It's a name that John came up with one afternoon while taking Renee for a walk around the lake at our old house in Washington state. He told me he made up a new name for us to call Renee. Now that was nothing new- we've always made up ridiculous names for her, and Apollo and sometimes even ourselves. Renee was originally "Smoosh" or "Smoosher" or "Mooshka" and others. So John says "chun-beek"! And I looked at him with a questioning frown... "What? That sounds like some sort of food." It took at least 2 minutes for me to accept that chun-beek didn't just sound ridiculous. And then John explained the riddle: b_un ch_eeks becomes chun-beeks! Renee is now usually called "chun", which can be made into a verb, as in: "she's chunnin' out bigtime". That basically means she's a punky kid.
So welcome to chun-beeks! This is going to be a forum for sharing our family stories and pictures and most importantly for keeping in touch with all those friends and family scattered around the globe. Keeping in touch could be tough even if we lived in the same county, and now that we're separated by so many miles, we can't just drop in for dinner on a whim. So perhaps these posts here at chun-beeks will be those weekend dinner conversations we've been missing. Those revelating moments at the barn, those stories we swapped at the doggie park, the laughs we had while grabbing a coffee aren't gone forever. They now just take on a digital format!
Thanks for stopping by, and remember that we love you and miss you all, too! -hugs-

-Kelly, John, Renee and Apollo


Lori said...

Dear Kelly, John, Apollo and of course Chun-beeks! The blog/photos are greatly appreciated and thank you so much for sharing your new and wonderful life with all of us that you left behind in soggy, really soggy Seattle!! Love you, miss you and please, upload more photos soon!!

Popa said...

Yes - more pics!!!!!!

Loveya all!