Monday, November 24, 2008

New feature!

Check out the "What we're listening to" section in the right column. These are the albums that are currently in our Rhapsody queue. You can click on the link to hear one of the songs from the album. Feel free to recommend anything you're currently listening to in the comments, and check back later to see if your recommendation makes it onto our list!


Kissing Booth said...

OMG. Neutral Milk Hotel is the best ever! Especially In The Aeroplane! That is my favorite album of all time! I never thought you guys would like them but I'm glad to see I don't have to recommend them! Jordan and I fell in love to that album... :) And also to a band called Explosions in the Sky, particularly the album "The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place." So that's my recommendation for you.


Kelly said...

Aww, how sweet! Actually John's brother, Tom, recommended it, and we liked it right away. We'll have to look up Explosions in the Sky, too.