Saturday, May 16, 2009

Random pics: Easter in Cedar Falls

My stay at home moms group had an Easter party for all our kids. It turned out to be tons of fun! Renee really loved coloring the eggs and making crafts. (Mommy enjoyed the grilled cheese sandwiches and yogurt for lunch!) This was the second time she'd ever done an egg hunt before but she started to catch on pretty well when she realized that the eggs had candy inside them!

The hunt is on! You can see many of the eggs hidden here, since the egg hunt was divided into 3 year olds and younger, then 4 and older got to start later.

One of the take home projects was a homemade Easter basket! Gluing on the puff balls was hilarious, I had to be careful since Renee, as most kids do, loved to play with the glue as much as "use" it!

Stringing beads is one of Renee's favorite activities!

The way they set up the egg coloring was genius! Little q-tips with dye already on the tip were set inside plastic cups. No big cups of dye to knock over or spill. I think it was really a special store bought kit, like PAAS, but it was way less messy than any of us moms expected!

The artist focusing on her work.

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