Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Random pics from the past 3 months: Indianapolis

I finally got John to help me upload the pictures and videos from our other camera, and there are lots of jems on there you haven't seen yet. So join me in a series of flashbacks though the past few months!

This was during our trip to Indianapolis back in February. During the 7 hour drive, we made a quick stop at a fun park along the way to stretch our legs. Here, Renee is in her own little bubble world!

Renee and her cousin Griffin had fun playing this game together. Somehow they managed to share fairly well from what I remember!

Also while visiting Dr. Fischer and his family in Indianapolis... Here you see Renee and Apollo playing tug-o-war with a dog toy that belongs to their little chihuahua Wednesday. I'm not sure how that monkey toy survived to keep its tail! Or did it?

The cousins all hanging out together, Griffin, Gavin, Jackson, and Renee. It looks like Jackson had better things to do!

Snuggling with Apollo on the couch. Wait a minute, who let that bad dog on the couch??

The kids had some slick moves while dancing to video game music! Way too cute!

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Anonymous said...

love it! we miss you guys! :)